Air Duct Work Sealing & Replacement

Air Duct Sealing

Air Duct Sealing

Our air duct sealing services look for rips, holes or tears in your ductwork. That can be easily sealed to increase efficiency and save you money.

For more than 40 years, All Thermo has been a trusted partner in air duct sealing maintenance throughout south Florida. If you need an expert to look at your ductwork, now is the time to give us a call. Every time you operate your home heating and cooling system, you are taking advantage of the air ducts that run throughout your house. This system of ducts carries air to and from your home comfort system and it also includes ducts that carry cooking and dryer fumes and other contaminants away from your home and release them into the outdoor air.

You probably do not spend much time thinking about these ducts because you really never see them. They are tucked inside of walls and beneath floors, out of sight and out of mind. But the condition of these ducts can actually have a pretty significant impact on the environment inside your home. If your ducts are leaking, your home heating and cooling systems will not be able to function as efficiently and your indoor air quality can suffer.

Proper air duct sealing can take care of all of these problems, however. If you are concerned about the state of your ducts or think that you may have leaks in your system, be sure to call All Thermo Acoustics & Insulation. Our technicians provide expert duct sealing services to customers all over south, FL area and we would be glad to help you today.

Where Air Duct Leaks Come From

But why are your ducts leaking in the first place? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons that may be the case. For instance, you ducts may simply be old. Just like any other piece of equipment in your home, your ducts will not last forever. They are used constantly all year long and that wear and tear can take a significant toll over time.

Also, your ducts are not commonly installed in places with very much insulation or protection from the elements. That means that they will be regularly subjected to extreme hot and cold conditions throughout the year. This type of extreme weather can really take its toll on your ducts and cause plenty of leaks and cracks to develop.

Improper installation is another possible cause of leaky ducts, and if you do not know when your ducts were put in or who did the installation, this is something you may suspect. In extreme cases, improperly installed ducts must be completely replaced. Often though, proper sealing can take care of the problem and get your ducts into good working order.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

Taking the time to have your ducts sealed properly is well worth the investment for a number of reasons. First of all, properly sealed air ducts will make your entire heating and cooling system work better and more efficiently. That means lower monthly energy bills for you and a more comfortable house overall.

Also, you will benefit from improved indoor air quality once your ducts have been properly sealed. All of the contaminants that can leak in through the cracks will be blocked out, and you can breathe a little easier inside knowing that your indoor air is clean and contaminant free.

Our Air Duct Sealing Services

f you are looking for air duct sealing services in south, Florida area, All Thermo Acoustics & Insulation is the place to call. We have the best technicians and equipment available, so you can be sure we will find the source of your air duct leaks and have them repaired as quickly as possible. You will likely not believe the difference this one small step can make in the way your home heating and cooling system functions, and you will be much more comfortable from January through December once it has been completed.